Curiouser and curiouser: collage walls, bunting and ceiling design

Creative interior design at the Hand In Hand, a cosy pub in Kemp Town, Brighton. The small old fashioned interior is decorated with mini bunting, DIY collage walls, and pictures hung on the ceiling, giving it a very topsy-turvy, Alice in Wonderland feel. Whether you are a tourist or local it is well worth a visit.

The pub’s festive miniature bunting is hung across the spirits shelf. The festive bunting transforms the spirit shelf into a toy like fantasy realm where the whiskey bottles are gigantic. Seems like the perfect place for a wee Glaswegian fairy piss-up!

Last time I was at the Hand In Hand it was Burns Night, which I hope should justify the fairies drinking whiskey nonsense, anyway, apologies for the digression, back to the interior design. There is also a DIY collage wall of beer mats pinned to the wall, and my personal favourite, the ceiling covered with pictures! We didn’t install these, but very much appreciate whoever did. As well as the quirky interior design the Hand In Hand also brew their own delicious craft beer. The stout is wonderful.

Pictures hung all over the ceiling at the Hand In Hand Pub, Kemp Town, Brighton

Pictures hung all over the ceiling at the Hand In Hand Pub.