You’ve just moved into your beautiful new home. Or maybe you’ve finished renovating your old one. Either way, months of planning, pain, dust, and probably, tears. It was a mission and a half, and you're exhausted.

And you want your home to be perfect. A place of beauty and calm where you can retreat and feel good. A home you quietly know is the envy of your family and friends.

You don’t want to spend your weekends trying and failing to hang your pictures. Or let a handyman “have a go”. At best, it will look ok. At worst, you can just imagine the inevitable arguments with your partner about what looks good where.

You are going to make a mess of your beautiful new walls.

We can help.

We take it all off your hands. Within one day (or less), our down-to-earth art technicians will transform your walls.

Whether it’s artworks you’ve paid a small fortune for to posters and prints that cost less than the cheap frame that they are in, we’ll put the same effort into making sure you’re left with beautifully designed walls, hung with extreme care and precision.

You’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your prize possessions WITHOUT having to work out:

  • Complex Arrangements 
  • Precision gaps between groupings 
  • The best and safest hanging methods
  • Problems of plasterboard, brick walls, sloping ceilings, wonky walls, stupendously heavy items etc, etc... and all those other niggling irritations you can't even imagine that we take into our stride

We’ll even mediate between you and your partner so we find solutions you’re both happy with (it could even save your marriage).


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    Our customer testimonials speaks volumes about our unique and expert service

    Anonymous, London

    Perhaps your biggest compliment came from the man who has never noticed anything about his surroundings, my husband! After they left he quietly walked around the flat and came back saying “that’s amazing“ over and over again! He then immediately rang our daughter and told her how wonderful it is and again when we went out to dinner we had 20 minutes of him raving about your service and every aspect of it.

    I decided to tell you our observations without being asked. I don’t gush normally but you all deserve credit and credit where it is due.

    Everyone who comes in has been blown away!

    Thank you for everything.

    Selwyn, London

    I have used The Picture Hanger on two occasions now and they were terrific.

    The work was carried out according to plan, diligently, speedily and with good humour in a manner befitting an Artist’s Exhibition.

    Ronnie, Brighton

    Patrick and Emily did a great job – taking what seemed to me to be a large, random collection of pictures, painting, photos and mirrors and making sense of them all in one day.

    Having just had all my walls newly plastered and painted, I was keen to have a professional service and I was not disappointed.

    I was consulted along the way and the end result was even better than I had imagined, even down to the family and friends wall collage which is an art installation in itself.

    I am a very happy customer.

    Julia, London

    We recently discovered The Picture Hanger and they are fantastic.

    They are skilled, friendly and professional installers, and we will be using them on all our projects from now on!

    Roma, Cobham

    We have just had loads of building work done - took down all the pictures (and hooks!).

    Total inspiration getting the Picture Hanger to come and rehang.

    He brought a whole new perspective to where would be best to hang a very eclectic group of pictures!

    This is what we like to hear from customers 

    "I would never have thought of that!"

    It’s always exciting to have new things on your walls to enjoy. It’s also amazing to see old things you have forgotten to look at, in new arrangements or places. 

    That’s exactly what we do when you’ve moved home or renovated. We’ll ensure stunning new wall arrangements from your new and existing artworks, pictures, prints and photos.

    Professional picture & mirror hanging service run by friendly creatives

    So don't get in touch if you want a handyman service.

    A handyman can't and won't do what we do, every day.

    Get in touch to discuss the specifics of your job and we can quickly give you an idea of cost and availability.

    Call us on: 0330 133 0315 or email Jane:

    Key services include

    • Hanging single pictures or mirrors
    • Arranging and hanging entire homes or commercial premises after moving or redecorating
    • Confident art handling and installation for large, heavy and/or valuable pieces
    • Hanging work in complicated configurations on staircases, landings and high walls
    • Consultation and advice on positioning of artwork and mirrors
    • Expert mirror hanging of all sizes and weights of mirrors.

    Areas we regularly cover

    London, Bristol, Brighton & Hove, Hastings, East and West Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Cotswolds, Bath, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire.

    We also often cover the rest of the UK

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    We pride ourselves on being super approachable, down-to-earth and friendly

    We also regularly travel up and down the U.K. to attend jobs big and small