For any enquiries or to make a booking please email Muriel at She will do her best to come back to you within 24 hours.

You can also call us on 07766 093035.

Please do include the relevant information from the checklist below. It helps us be more specific to your reply and we can usually give you an idea of cost and availability in our initial reply.

– Where is your property?

– Roughly how many items do you have to hang?

– What is the rough size and weight of the largest items? Do you think any items need two people (or more!) to manage?

– Do you think you’ll want to hang anything in a position that is difficult to access i.e high above stairs or high up on double height walls e.g above 10ft from the floor? If so can you please provide photos of the space and walls.

– Do you have a good idea of where you want everything to go or would you like us to spend some time working with you to determine the best positions?

– Anything else specific to your job that you think we should know.

Alternatively feel free to use the form below if you’d prefer to contact us this way.



Ceramic relief sculpture installation in a house in Hove

Ceramic relief sculpture installation in a house in Hove