Did you get a haircut?!

Towards the end of last year, a client got in touch about this heavy white marble cross.

It was a present for her husband. He was very moved and couldn’t wait to see it on the wall. She wanted it expertly hung and knew who to call…

The plan was to hang the cross off very discreet fixtures, so as not to distract from the piece itself. After sending our installer Ollie round to take some measurements, we tracked down an enigmatic Camden-based Artefact Display manufacturer called Colin.

Two weeks later, the postman delivered a package containing two bespoke white clips to Ollie’s home. Armed with said clips, Ollie drove across London and hung the cross with precision (pictured below).

Did you get a haircut?!

Just as Ollie was leaving, the husband arrived home. He walked into the room and the client asked him if he noticed anything different…

“Did you get a haircut?!”


He took a punt, played it safe and I respect that. But he was wildly off target.

After Ollie had left (curling iron and clippers in hand), the client emailed us to say that once her husband had fully taken in the cross in all its glory up on the wall, he welled up.

A job well done.

So, if you have a heavy white marble cross lying around, you know who to call…