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Why call a professional picture hanger?

My clients call me out for a whole range of reasons. More often than not it’s because they’ve just moved or renovated and don’t want to rehang everything they own. It’s a big job but I can make it simple and fast. I’ve written more about that here.

Many people have tried unsuccessfully to hang things themselves and find that they’ve not got their measurements quite right and they just can’t work out how to hang something straight and in line with other furnishings or features.

They might have begun to drill holes or hammer in nails, only to find their old plaster walls just don’t want to play ball. No one wants to create big holes in their walls!

Equally a lot of customers own particularly big, heavy or expensive items (like mirrors or large framed artworks) that they don’t feel comfortable hanging themselves. They want to know it’s hung securely on their wall, particularly when they want to hang it above a bed or sofa.

A professional picture hanger can obviously mitigate all of these scenarios. They will have had years of experience hanging objects in both homes and galleries, so it’s unlikely there’s a situation they’ve not encountered before. Even if a client presents them with a new challenge they should be the sort of person who can find a solution in a calm and considered way. After all, they are often dealing with peoples most treasured possessions.

If you’ve got a picture hanging problem and can use some advice, don’t hesitate to call. I’m always happy to give out advice over the phone, and of course I’m equally happy for you book me in to take care of things for you.

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