‘Have you tried camouflage?’

Reasons to camouflage:

To mimic surroundings, to disguise the unsightly,
to dazzle predators, to conceal weapons or
to distort what you may naturally be.

This is the title and theme of the exhibition that the Shrub Collective (Rebecca Archer, Daisy Elsom and myself,) have been preparing for the last couple of months.

Now the date has finally arrived. Our exhibition is opening tomorrow night! If you would like to read more about how we found the gallery and why we chose it see my previous post.

We’ve all been approaching the theme of camouflage in very different ways. Daisy is working red gauzy material and Rebecca is working with humour, body language and the forest.

I myself have been recording and editing a WWI inspired sound piece, that blends Odyssey and Navy with the desire and paranoia of the time of the war. This piece is the lead up to a bigger project. I will soon be making a film in association with Strike A Light which will be screening in June as part of an event to commemorate the WWI centenary.

‘Have you tried camouflage?’ opens this Wednesday at Gallery Lock – In and will be on until Sunday. If you are in Brighton and are curious to experience some immersive contemporary art then come check it out.

We very much look forward to sharing our new work with you.
Four shrubs from the Shrub Collective.



Exhibition opening times:

15/02 Weds: 7PM – 10PM
16/02 Thurs: 1PM – 8PM
17/02 Fri: 1PM – 8PM
18/02 Sat: 11AM – 6PM
19/02 Sun: 11AM – 6PM


Little Western Street, Brighton, BN1 2PU

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