Purest ordinary moments

I’ve just stumbled upon a lovely article, stunning images and video here by Adam Magyar, of speeding subway trains and their passengers. He has created cameras and software that combine thousands of pixel-wide slices into a single image that allow him to “catch passengers unawares as they hurtle through dark subway tunnels, fixing them in haunting images filled with detail no ordinary camera can capture.”1

Quite simply they are beautiful (to my mind) in that they elevate one of the purest ordinary moments. That time you spend on public transport, alone but surrounded by people, often seems like lost time, where nothing is happening and, if you’re like me, you’re caught up in thoughts of where you’re going rather than where you are in that present moment. Art’s good like that.

1. “Einstein’s Camera”, Medium, accessed 14 January 2014, https://medium.com/matter/88aa8a185898

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