Go West(ish) young man!

Wednesday saw us high on scaffolding inside a converted farmhouse near Bucklebury, Berkshire. In collaboration with the client we hung a grand installation of family portraits dating back to the 18th in their gallery/entrance way, including a 2.4 metre full length portrait of Scottish Highlander. The client was very pleased with the result as were we! Photos to follow!

Artique Galleries

Last week I hung two Dylan Izaak works in a house on The Droveway, Hove. The works came from Artique Galleries on Market St, Brighton. Artique were kind enough to recommend me after I hung Izaak’s work for another client of theirs.

Their latest show by Brighton based Zinsky opened last night and features his iconic and vibrant celebrity portraits. Well worth a visit.




Heavy mirrors of Hove

We hung another heavy one today in Hove. I don’t know what it is about Hove inhabitants (Hovites? Hovians?) but they love a large mirror – I seem to hang more of them in Hove than anywhere else.

And as today proved it certainly does transform a room, even the smallest of front rooms suddenly seem grander and bigger! This mirror was 8ft by 4ft so not insignificant at all in size (and weight) but it went on the wall without a hitch and the client was well pleased.

Keep ’em coming Hove!