Professional mirror hangers across London, Brighton, Bristol and surrounding areas

As experienced art and picture hangers we know what it takes to hang heavy mirrors. In fact we do it every day and have done for years. When we hang your mirror for you, you know you’re in the safe hands of professional mirror hangers who are used to hanging heavy items on all types of walls. We carry fixings for every eventuality and have never had to say “It can’t be done!”

Patrick and Emily put up a big mirror and two pictures for us. We were very happy with their work. They were helpful, knowledgeable and gave good advice.

Sheila, Brighton, January, 2017

Wall types

We’re used to hanging heavy mirrors and large pictures on all kinds of walls – solid brick, hollow plasterboard or plaster and lathe, and aerated concrete.

Room heights

We have hung mirrors and pictures at all sorts of heights, including high above stairs and on double height ceilings in period properties.

We travel to you

With installers based in East and West London, Bristol, Birmingham, Kent, Sussex and Brighton we regularly help customers from the South East to the Midlands and everywhere in between. We are happy to travel to any part of the UK to ensure your mirror is hung safely and securely.

Peace of mind

You may have tried to hang large mirrors or pictures in the past, and frankly, it makes you nervous (or you probably wouldn’t be reading this!).

If you’re not sure what you’re doing it can be a tricky job to get right. The measurements can be awkward if you have measured, that is – a lot of people don’t, and end up in all sorts of sticky situations – they end up calling us).

Patrick the Picture Hanger has just hung 10 of our artworks and a very heavy mirror using his creativity and imagination. Couldn’t be happier with the results and a very charming Australian guy.

G & S, Hove, East Sussex, May, 2016

You may have got the drill out or belted a nail in only to find the wall just doesn’t want to play ball. Plaster walls can be crumbly and brickwork can be a nightmare.

Call us

So if it’s a heavy or expensive mirror or it just makes you nervous, call in an expert. We’ll set your mind at ease straight away and we can book in a time to get the job done. Email Muriel or call us 0330 133 0315.

To help us give you an idea of cost if you can provide some photos of the front and back of your mirror and the space it is to hang in, especially if above stairs or anywhere awkward or particularly high.

Patrick did a first class job of hanging the terrifyingly heavy mirror on our lounge wall which we dare not attempt to hang ourselves. He provided a professional and efficient service with a very good eye for detail and positioning. He came with everything required from ladders to fixings and completed the job with no mess! Extremely reasonable prices therefore I would thoroughly recommend his services and will be using him again.
Very happy that we found Patrick, thank you!!

Kezi & Paul, Brighton, August, 2015

I cannot recommend Patrick highly enough – he has the practised eye and aesthetics of an artist yet is also highly practical and efficient. I purchased a 19th century antique French mirror (144cm x 113cm, weighing close to 50kg – extremely heavy for its size!) and was terrified of hanging it in our living room, worried that it would fall off the wall, ripping the plaster and/or maiming us in the process.

Patrick expertly assessed our living space and determined where the mirror (nicknamed “Moby Dick” by Patrick!) could be hung safely while still having maximum visual impact. He and his colleague Scott installed the mirror, along with some paintings, precisely and carefully with no mess or damage to the walls, artwork or mirror. Everything looks fantastic, we are so pleased. Patrick was a delight to have in our flat and I would not hesitate to recommend him whether you are hanging a Damien Hirst, personal photographs or “the world’s heaviest small mirror” like we did! Thanks so much again Patrick.”

Vanessa; Battersea, London, May, 2016

We moved back in to our home following an extensive basement conversion and house refurbishment. We used Patrick to hang two very large expensive French antique mirrors that required expert hanging. He did a great job and my wife suggested that we also used him to rehang the 50 plus paintings we had. What a great decision that was for me! He saved me so much time and frustration and did the job efficiently and professionally giving us advice when ever we required it. The skill of getting a large room with over 15 paintings all positioned perfectly throughout was very skill full in deed. In addition what was also important for us was that he was quite efficient and made no mess what so ever. I would highly recommend Patrick to anyone requiring the hanging of any type of mirror or painting.

Richard; Wandsworth Common, London, March, 2015

We pride ourselves on being super approachable, down-to-earth and friendly.

We regularly travel the U.K. to attend jobs big and small.