A record breaker

I hung 65 pictures yesterday in a 2 bed flat in Marine Gate, Brighton! That’s got to be some sort of record.

Marine Gate is a bit of a Brighton architectural icon, being built in the 1930’s on the cliffs east of Brighton. I don’t know how they made their concrete in the 30’s but this place is extremely solid – even the internal walls are concrete. As I was hanging numerous small works it meant only having to use masonry nails or hard wall hooks. Even allowing time for measuring up the more complex configurations, it meant getting fixings into the wall took a lot less time than drilling every hole.

It certainly helped that the client had all the artwork positions pretty much mapped out. We had some discussion about moving things around or allowing for works they’d forgotten about but they were open to my suggestions and we came to decisions quite quickly. All in all a very enjoyable day’s hanging.